New / 31 August 2015

From the Hamill Bros. comes a British Grindhouse thriller that has everything Corruption, Horror, Rage, Action, Boxing, Gore, Drugs, Guns, Revenge, Body Parts, and seriously cool music. You only have to watch the trailer to see what an amazing roller-coaster of a film this is going to be. Even on a budget this looks to be right on the edge of being a cult-classic.. a b-movie blockbuster! The trailer also features a track you will already know, from Absolute Valentine. So, we can only hope the rest of the soundtrack is filled with other synth wave classics.

New / 26 August 2015

Le Matos is back in the spotlight after releasing their new single,  'No Tomorrow', from the upcoming "TURBO KID" Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. The French Canadian synthpop duo has combined their synth mastery with the Lucy Taylor's lovely vocals of PAWWS to create something truly memorable.

Many fans of cinema and synthwave alike have been dying to hear the song in it's entirety after hearing short snippets during the first “TURBO KID” trailer, and the song does not disappoint.  Le Matos's yearning analog synth and drums weave perfectly with PAWWS pop vocals to create a bittersweet synth romp filled with nostalgia and bit of mystery. This track is produced and mixed about as well as they come – a fitting for what is sure to be a fantastic film.

New / 25 August 2015

Once again, GUNSHIP delivers an unexpected and original music video while staying true to the scene! Have your VHS collection ready because your survival may depend on it. Oh and it may actually also help you ''getting the girl'' as you can see in GUNSHIP's new music video for their title Tech Noir.

New / 25 August 2015

Another neat track courtesy of swedish national treasure Mitch Murder. Shortly after his trip through the marketing offices with his previous work, Michel Meurtre sets on a more relaxed and sunset-esque ambiance. Here's Outpost Alpha, the track you put on repeat mode once you get in your space-cruiser to gracefully flip around the troposphere.

New / 25 August 2015

September 87 obviously digs on the heavy narrative aspect of Synthwave. If you need proof, check out the EP ACT 1 which recently appeared in one of our weekly Top10.What you get is six tracks telling the story of a loner rider in the year 2087, a touch or romance and some nice voice-over work. You might be left wishing for an ACT 2 by the end of the EP.

New / 25 August 2015

Botnit's new single, 'No Drugs' turns back time and turns up the nostalgia factor. Using driving synths and samples of 1980's anti-drug PSA's, 'No Drugs' takes the listener back to a younger time when the arcade was king. The mind behind Botnit, Jim Govoni, is a network engineer by day, and a producer when life allows it. Based out of Boston, he explained some of the inspiration behind the new track. "I remember a lot of those anti-drug ads from when I was a kid. DARE, and MADD were also really a big rallying point in grade school/junior high in the early 90's," wrote Govoni. "I've made tunes about the rise of CD's replacing tapes, channel surfing, the arcade video game industry, old synthesizers, old Asteroids champions," he continued "I think there's just so much material there. If nobody ever talks about this stuff, then everyone forgets, and then, well, it's just sort of gone." Jim Govoni also recently wrote an autobiographical book about his time working at an arcade during the 90's.

New / 25 August 2015

Die hard fans of Neon Indian- aka Alan Palomo - awoke the morning of August 14th to an odd social media post by the artist, asking them to "DIAL 1-512-643-8342 FOR A DELICIOUS MESSAGE." And what a delicious message it was! A hotline has been set up in the style of an 80's sexline - a true titillating teaser for Neon Indian's new album, VEGA INTL. Night School. It's been four long years since Neon Indian's last album, and this one sure to be a thriller. After calling the hotline, fans were greeted by a sneak peek at a new single, 'Slumlord'. The intro fo the song features a plucked synth roll that falls sloppily apart, and is quickly sewn back together with a staccato that erupts into neon brilliance reminiscent of Psychic Chasms, but with a more mature feel. Words don't do it justice. Have a call to the truly HOT line 1-512-643-VEGA, or just have a listen below.

Opus Science Collective turns down the lights with a soul melting new remix of Moodblanc's 'Over'. The original track is a blender-full of warm summer romance, a mix of smooth jazz and nu-disco pop. It features John Sarafian on guitar and Masego wailing out a titillating, sexy saxline. What Opus Science Collective has done with the track is interesting and groovy, to say the least. The 'Over' remix adds a wobbly synthline and re-works the drums, pulling a track reminiscent of the 70's smoot jazz disco straight into the 80's vein of synthpop future funk. The vocals also translate very well to the newer decade, toning down the romantic vibes just enough to add to the pop feel – without detracting from the orignal.

New / 14 August 2015

Who's up for some space gliding? Listen to Island Universe, Syntax's first album which is being released by Thirtieth Floor Records. Those 12 tracks are definitely a good way to step it up for those who love to get in touch with the music and let their mind play with the ambiance. Check it out and let the speakers venture in space.

New / 14 August 2015

Well well well, look what is being funded on Kickstarter. This Hotline Miami Biker figure is a treat for those of you collectors who are quick to say ''shut ut and take my money''. Let's just hope it isn't cursed and comes alive to kill you while you sleep. Seriously, have you played the game?! That guy's a psychopath!

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