Artist: Sellorekt/LA Dreams
Album: On And On
Released: 08 August, 2015

Sellorekt/LA Dreams (a.k.a. Kevin Montgomery) is back with a truly dazzling new album, On and On.

This album embodies the sand underneath the feat of yesteryear – a synthesizer romp on the oceanfront through a rose colored lens of nostalgia. Every piece of this album delivers unfettered beach vibes.

As if that wasn’t enough, Montgomery was kind enough to sit down for a quick web chat about this fantastic new album.


According to Montgomery, his inspiration comes directly from his own personal experiences, hanging out with friends and living on the LA coast.

“…I often draw some inspiration from a sunset. The California sunsets are so beautiful,” he wrote.

“…My influence has always been the beach and summer vibes but I tend to move into various places when it comes to my inspirations, Relationships etc…The songs on “On And On” are pieces of different connections I have with friends and life in general, sometimes a moment or a memory kicked in to inspire certain tracks,” he added.

He also delved a bit into his creative process, giving an idea of how he made these inspiring melodies – and a mouth watering look at his gear.

“I keep a small recorder on me and a camera so when the idea hits me I record or hum a melody line. When I get into the studio, I finish it. The beach is actually a couple of blocks away. Walking distance,” he said. “The cover image is of the palm trees in my yard.” Then he listed the equipment he used to make those beach sounds.

“I use Roland Jupiter 8, Oberheim Matrix 1000, Ensoniq ESQ1, Roland D50, Yamaha DX7, and a bunch of rack modules as well as Arturia Virtual synths. Roland D50, Ensoniq, and Jupiter 8 are perhaps most prominent. I also use a… DX7 fdII and a Ensoniq Mirage and Korg 01w/fd …oh yeah and a Kawaii K1,” Montgomery typed.



‘Landslide’, the album’s opening track, starts with a quick bass line that soon gives way to a synthesizer that seems to ebb in and out, just like tides on the waterfront. ‘On and On’ continues the beachfront vibes and flowing synths, but with a slightly more poppy and nostalgic feel.

‘The Harder it Gets’, ‘Fired Up’, ‘Isolation’ and ‘Give You Everything’ are the quicker, more intense tracks on this album, giving you not the feeling of resting on the beach front but instead riding the waves in a neon jet ski or racing up the boardwalk with your foot digging into the accelerator.

‘All Over you’ and ‘Just One Chance’ are the romantic standouts on the album, featuring crooning melodies that really bring the LA sunsets and nights to life right before your ears. ‘Just One Chance’ has some of the best synth mixing I have ever had the privilege to hear.

As the summer draws to a close, make sure you head on over to Bandcamp and have a listen to this amazing album. Staying true to the name, Sellorekt/LA Dreams will have you dreaming of the oceanfront from start to finish.