Artist: Street Fever
Album: Afflictions
Released: 17 July, 2015

Street Fever is a name to watch – and one not to be taken lightly. Born from the sludge in Boise Idaho, this United States based producer’s first release – an EP aptly named Afflictions – is quite simply one of the best new sounds I’ve had the privelage to hear.

Bleding elements of the bleakest techno and house ( think Gesaffelstein and The Hacker mixed Justice and SebastiAn), Street Fever manages to capture and distill the essence of the darkest french touch and shake it together with driving basslines – creating a craft cocktail from hell. Pouring into your ears like poison, this evil EP feels like it was created to destroy the dancefloor.

Street Fever, as it so happens, is no stanger to destruction. Wearing a mask featuring a tangled mess of wires and hateful neon eyes, he has baseball-bat bashed his keyboard to bits in several live sets!

While most masks nowadays feel like a gimmick, there is no hint of that here, only a feeling pure, unadulterated Cthulian evil.Street Fever also created some of the best album artwork I’ve seen in ages to accompany this release, all available online for purchase in large-size prints.


There is not a single track on the Afflictions EP that fails to deliver.

‘Resistor’ blends wide and ethereal baroque chords into a balefule bassline Baphomet himself would be proud of. This track features repetitive female vocals that hit all the right notes. Most often vocals clash with darker tracks, but here they work in unison perfectly.

‘La Corde’ is a slower track that begins with an out-of-tune synthline that devloves into another signature devilish bassilne.This track also has fantastic evil-sounding vocals, this time not so repetive and in french, sounding off like some sort of perverted poetry.

‘Chamber’, my personal favorite on this release, slides into being with what sounds like a record reverse, and collapses into simple, vile sounding synth coupled with an intense beat that reminds me of Gesaffelsteins best tracks.

‘Dispose’ has a funky, rythmic synthline that could have been created by SebastiAn – if SebastiAn hailed from the abyss itself, and didn’t rely on distorsion to sound vile.

‘Severance’ has an almost hip-hop like quality to it’s beats and hi-hat rolls and devolves into once again one of the most corrupt and depraved sounding tracks I’ve heard in ages.


So get out there and pick up this album, and maybe some artwork – releases of this kind don’t come around often.