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The Interview


Question N°1 : Can you please intriduce yourself to those that many be new to your work ?

Hello!! My name is Dana Jean Phoenix and I am a Retro-Electro-Cabaret Synthpop artist (when Blondie meets Madonna meets Bette Midler)!

Question N°2 : What are your musical influences ? What kind of music do you listen when not producing ?

Musical influences range from David Bowie, Prince, Michael Jackson, Genesis, Annie Lennox to Garth Knight, Tommy 86, Little Dragon and Kristine. Also, Dolly Parton cuz she’s a badass petite blonde who knows how to write killer hits!!

Question N°3 : Waht is your earworm at the moment ? What have you listening to on repeat recently ?

Songs on repeat these days are “He’s So Shy“ –Pointer Sisters, “IOU“ –Freeze, “True Survivor“ –David Hasselhoff/Mitch Murder, and “Inner Visions“-Timecop1983.


Question N°4 : Waht inspires you while working in new Music ?

What really inspires me is all the amazing producers, artists, and musicians who I collaborate with. Also, all the awesome female artists from the past and present who aren’t afraid to control their own destiny and carve their own path.

Question N°5 : What programs and instruments do you use for your Music ? What is your favourite VST you use ? And wich Drul Machine do you prefer ?

I use Logic Pro X for all my music projects. I’m a big fan of my Arturia plug-ins for a wide range of synths. As for drum machines, 808s all the way baby!!


Question N°6 : You worked with many producers and artist from the Synthwave-Scene. Is there any artist you ever wanted to work with from there ?

I really dig Miami Nights 1984. I would love to collab with him. Plus, he’s a Canadian too!

Question N°7 : For the “Funky Fly N’ Free” Artowrk you look loke a Superhero you also share often the works from Lord Mesa Art. Are you a Comic-Nerd maybe ? What is your favourite male and female Superhero ?

I jock comics and I especially dig X-men!! Favourite female Superhero is Rogue – Dig that southern accent, sass, and tomboy style. As for the guys, Blade is king.

Question N°8 : Star Trek or Star Wars ?

Star Trek will always have my heart. A world free from poverty and racism? Totally logical, doable, and inspiring! Plus, I’ve got a delicious parody of the TNG theme song on my youtube channel!


Question N°9 : Do you watched Avengers 2 Age of Ultron ? Do you liked it ? What was your highlight in the Movie ?

Yes!! I thought they took the CGI to a whole new level! Favourite part was James Spader as Ultron. His voice seriously brought that sinister robot to life!!

Question N°10 : If you could choose one film director to make a music video for you who could that be ?

Fellow Canadian Floria Sigismondi. I became a fan when I saw she had directed David Bowie’s ’Little Wonder’ video. So striking, and so different. If Jim Henson were still with us however (R.I.P.), I would ask him to direct an updated Labyrinth-inspired video, complete with muppets, me, and David Bowie in tights!!

Question N°11 : What are your favourite Movie filcks or Video Games ?

Favourite movie of all time is A Fish Called Wanda. I don’t get the time to play new game systems much, so I would have to say my favourite video game of all time is Super Mario Bros. 3! I’m all about the retro!!