Wojciech Golczewski’s newest album, “Reality Check,” is a grand slam progressive down tempo sci-fi horror masterpiece.

Golczewski is a producer who usually focuses soundtracks for indie flicks, and is quickly gaining notoriety in the horror and synthwave circuit for his epic film scores.

“Reality Check” is a concept album inspired by the indie horror films he’s worked on like “Beyond the Gates,” “Shadows of the Dead,” the popular “We are Still Here,” and most recently the fabulous “Tonight She Comes.”

His film scores can stand by themselves, but “Reality Check” is truly something brilliant. Heavily laden with dark sci-fi overtones and seasoned with just the right amount of chiptune, this album may just be the Halloween epic you’ve been waiting on this year.

Choosing a favorite is difficult, but “Being Human” is my favorite cut off this album. Go grab a listen immediately, before our favorite creepy season is over – and stay tuned, word around the web is that Golczewski is set to release another EP sometime very soon!