Dallas Campbell is a name that inspires, and this time, with the album “Chihuahuan”, he presents to us a mythical synth-journey.  
“Tierras bajas” is a nocturnal path: full of secrets and whispers just waiting for you, and when you finally embrace the darkness around you, “Grandes Llanuras” lays assault to your thoughts. With the most beautiful beats that drag you to the core of the “Cavernas”.
As a passenger of a unique travel experience, the fear of the unknown is not put aside, and “Cavernas” is here to remind you of that.
However, “Montañas” raises you up once more. Majestic synthetize emerges – the rhythm is truly breathtaking (option for oxygen mask not included).
The closure of this journey is an exceptional 30:04 minutes track: “Chihuahuan”. This epic piece of music is both hard to forget and hard to understand, because it is not about your desires or your fears. It is about the journey itself and the experience is taken as a walk-through. This gives the listener chance to take every piece of the soundscape, in.
If you lend yourself the opportunity to contemplate all the sounds involved in this whole album, you’re going to be fascinated and left brimming with devotion to this great musician.