Author: Andrew Zistler

Powernerd – Flame ( Volkor X Remix)

Volkor X, usually known for his signature blend of angry darkwave, is showing us his lighter side with a remix of “Flame.” “Flame” is cut from Powernerd‘s latest LP, “Testosterossa” that features some truly catchy vocals from Dana Jean Phoenix. The original track is fantastic, and the remix fails to dissapoint. Unlike his usual work, Volkor X’s remix of “Flame” (the only remix featured on “Testosterossa”) is a bright and groovy track that even features some sexy smooth synth work around 2:15. It’s always a encouraging to see a producer creating something out of their particular norm, especially when...

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Mono Memory – Outrun The World

Mono Memory is back with an amazing new single, “Outrun The World.” This track comes as a teaser ahead his first full album – and what a tease it is! If this is the kind of work we can expect to see from Mono Memory in the future, it would be foolish not to get excited. Featuring some vivacious vocals, “Outrun The World” is a synth-pop extravaganza fueled not by 80’s cheesiness but instead pure nostalgia. Mono Memory was also gracious enough to release the track sans vocals – sure to please the hardcore synth heads and passing pop fans...

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Speed Machine – Confrontation

Speed Machine‘s smash hit single “Confrontation” led to real-world confrontation last night – when accidentally woke my neighbors at 3 in the morning! This expert blend of cyberpunk and darkwave is reminiscent of some of John Carpenter’s tracks, but remains retro while lacking much if any 80’s cheesiness that is sometimes known to plague darkwave tracks.  The delicious distortion featured here really works with the melodies to create an immersive sci-fi sound that only gets better the louder you play it. “Confrontation” is being released as a single ahead of the long-awaited first EP from Speed Machine, so stay...

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Carpenter Brut – Night Stalker

Carpenter Brut‘s “Night Stalker” is the premier single from a new compilation album being created to accompany the The Rise Of The Synths – a much anticipated documentary about all things synthwave. “Night Stalker” is an intense synth epic with splash of darkwave touch of french house – another sucess of Carpenter Brut’s signature sound. Grab a listen below and don’t forget to check out The Rise of The Synths! Night Stalker by Carpenter...

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The Encounter – Bad Mood

The Encounter’s newest album, aptly named“Bad Mood,” is some of the newest darkwave meat to roll out of the slaughterhouse – and it is tasty as all hell! Much darker than The Encounter’s usual sound, “Bad Mood” exists at the cross section of dark, heavy synthwave and dance music – a mix of genres often sought after by many producers that never quite seem to hit the mark. Here however, “Bad Mood” is a success. This rage inducing album is a perfectly blended slow-burn mix of synthesizer hatred. Standout track: Midnight Masks (ft. Stilz.) Be sure to grab a...

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