Author: Andrew Zistler

Jamiroquai – Automaton

The British funk masters Jamiroquai have released their fist music video in 7 years, and it’s a full on retrowave funk fest! “Automaton” is the fist single from their upcoming album of the same name. This track features some outstanding synth work, which is expertly marries the polar opposite sounds of unsettling and groovy at same time. Around 3:08 “Automaton” really finds itself with a drop that bridges the gap between synth and dance music – something which many other artists have struggled with. It is fantastic to hear the synthwave sound continually breaking more and more into the mainstream....

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Peter Zimmermann

EINE NACHT MIT PETER ZIMMERMANN (PART I) by Peter Zimmermann Question N°1: Peter, where would you locate yourself within the synthwave scene? Well, I kinda see the scene as something similar to the breakfast club. You know, with Pertubator being the tough quarterback and Mitch Murder as the Beaux that every girl from school adores. And don’t forget the incredibly gorgeous head-cheerleader NINA who is also president of the poetry club. And in between there is me, in the last row. The nerdy & kinda weird exchange student from Germany. Why? Well, basically you could combine that with a portion...

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Semidone – Nightgate

“Nightgate” is the newest experience from the dual-hatted music producer and game developer Semidome. The minimalist game is set in a post-apocalyptic Earth, where only a living network of computers remains. However, there is no dystopian wreckage to be found here, as the game takes place entirely inside a futuristic digital world. Simply put, this game is beautiful. Equally beautiful to the visuals is the soundtrack which takes the same name, “Nightgate.” Filled with spacey and mesmerizing synthesizers, this largely ambient soundtrack flows perfectly with the game and is strong enough to stand on its own as an album....

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Duett – Visions

Duett’s latest track, “Visions,” is filled with retro summer vibes, and is landing just in time to help you beat back the winter blues. This single starts with lone a beach front marimba synth that quickly expands into a full fleshed mysterious and relaxing retro tune, reminiscent of late 80’s and early 90’s coastal themes. Go grab a listen to “Visions” and let Duett’s cunning synthwork warm your...

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Retroglyphs – The Noose

Oven fresh out of New Jersery, Retroglyphs is a brand new, still-steaming synthpop act ready to alight upon your earbuds and fill those noise holes with satisfaction. Retroglyph’s newest single is entitled “The Noose,” and it’s certainly tightening up their sound. The awesome synth bass line and retro vocal style is more reminiscent of garage rock or new wave than your typical cheesy sounding 80’s crooner. “The Noose” is definitely worth a listen – hopefully we’ll get to see an album sometime...

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