Author: Andrew Zistler

College – Auto Pilot

College – Auto Pilot and Old Tapes album announcement The synth titan College has released a new single “Auto Pilot,” with a sick video to boot! On top of the single release, he has also announced the new album “Old Tapes” will drop on December 2nd! There is good reason for excitement, College – also known as David Grellier, is a pioneer of modern synthwave, one of the few folks responsible for creating the genre. The new single “Auto Pilot” feels exactly like an autopilot should. The song is repetitive, but purposely so – slowly building a complex, beautiful sound...

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Wojciech Golczewski – Reality Check

Wojciech Golczewski’s newest album, “Reality Check,” is a grand slam progressive down tempo sci-fi horror masterpiece. Golczewski is a producer who usually focuses soundtracks for indie flicks, and is quickly gaining notoriety in the horror and synthwave circuit for his epic film scores. “Reality Check” is a concept album inspired by the indie horror films he’s worked on like “Beyond the Gates,” “Shadows of the Dead,” the popular “We are Still Here,” and most recently the fabulous “Tonight She Comes.” His film scores can stand by themselves, but “Reality Check” is truly something brilliant. Heavily laden with dark sci-fi...

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Peter Zimmermann – Eine Nacht Mit Peter Zimmermann

The one-and-only German italo disco master, Peter Zimmermann, has released a truly face melting new album, “Eine Nacht Mit Peter Zimmermann (Part 1).” This crazy mash of retrosynth and italo disco never ceases to delight. Featuring lurid arpeggiated synths, a cornucopia of retro sounds and backed by spot-on superbly gaudy vocals, almost every track is a smash hit. Zimmermann has already produced some amazing work, and this album may very well be his best – each piece seems to overflow with nostalgia. Certainly not a release to be missed, the album is available at the low low price of...

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Mitch Murder – Lit

Swedish synth prodigy Mitch Murder has released a new single, “Lit”. Contrary to its name, this single is a relaxing synth funk track, filled with atmosphere and smooth as silk – yet another excellent example of Mitch Murder’s perfect balance of tawdry 80’s, jazz and inspired synthesizer mastery. This single comes ahead of a new EP from Mitch Murder, which will be entitled “The Real Deal.” The new EP will be out on October 21, and if “Lit” has shown us anything, it’s that the Swedish sensation has not lost his feeling of...

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Wolf and Raven – Platforms

The Missouri based duo Wolf and Raven are out with an interesting new album, “Platforms.” This sci-fi outrun mashup seethes with video game nostalgia, old-school Donkey Kong style. Filled with marimbas and jungle vibes, somehow Wolf and Raven manage to make “Platforms” sound earthy and spacey at the same time. Mysterious and exploratory, it would be easy to imagine aptly named album as a soundtrack to 90’s retro console platformers. “Platforms,” Wolf and Raven’s third release, is an interesting listen, and one definitely worth exploring. Platforms by Wolf and...

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