Author: Darren Toney

Retro Synth Fury

Welcome to DRIVE Radio’s first live event page! We are so excited about “Retro Synth Fury” that there may even be some pant-wetting. But who could blame us? The artists who will be performing at Batofar are non-other than Anoraak, Sung, and Absolute Valentine. This is going to be H U G E ! ! ! Make sure you Synthe-size-up your availability, as this is one not to be...

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Top 10 Week 03 – 2017

Its 1986. You’ve got a megabyte of RAM, a colour monitor, and 3 and a half inch floppy… What do you want to do? Thats right: enter Another World. Become the Dungeon Master with these 32-bit blasting tracks from the following artists: Stilz, Robert Parker, Gunship, Lazerhawk and many...

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DATAStream – The Spark (Feat. JJ Mist)

Looking for a spark? Well, look no further. DATAStream is back, and this time with the luscious voice of JJ Mist. Harking back to 1980’s popular chart hits, DATAStream has dusted off his trusty Keytar and brought us mere folk the magic. Try not reaching out for the hairspray and bleached denim whilst this is pumping on your stereo! If only I’d not packed my roller-skates away for the winter, as I would be busting some moves in my local tropical themed park at this very moment! For sun-kissed sounds, go to to the following...

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Confrontational – Kingdom Of Night

Artist: Confrontational Album: Kingdom Of Night Released: October 1st, 2016 <a href=””>KINGDOM OF NIGHT by CONFRONTATIONAL</a> A year after releasing “A Dance of Shadows”, here is the promising Confrontational with his latest offering: “Kingdom of Night”. Creeping from the shadows comes an album that represents everything associated with the night. It has pain, suffering, fear, blood, longing, loss, and lust. From the erie introduction that is born of the fluids of Peter Gabriel, Depeche Mode, and John Carpenter, “Kingdom Come” prepares you for sinister ride into the night. “In The Line of Fire”, then, sets the tone for a long player that...

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Moodblanc – Friday Night (Opus Science Collective Remix)

Lend me your ears: the exclusive remix of Moodblanc’s “Friday Night”, by Opus Science Collective is here! The effervescent Osc Steve treats us to the sounds of the sea, the warmth of the sun, and the Brighton breeze in this radiating-remix of this very synth-popular #Moodblanc hit. And the best thing is this is a free download. So, flip-flip your way over the Drive Radio love-shack and bag yourself this beach babe, and some ice-based refreshment. Moodblanc – Friday Night (OSC Remix) by Opus Science...

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