Author: Ethan Jay Simson

Psybolord – The Walking Dead

Previously on AMCs The Walking Dead… Don’t open dead inside and by dead we mean a dead good track from Psybolord! Delivering his new cover variation of the popular tv show theme this cover features dark tones occupied by pan flutes to really show the thrill and suspense of horror. Psybolord focuses a lot on Horror Synth and brings a fresh new feel to the beloved genre. Check the new track out now and remember to always double tap!...

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Alex Weit – Miami Vice

Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden Alex Weit newcomer to the Synth scene is here to bring a tasty new track inspired by the 80s. Focusing mainly on House and Progressive House Alex has really brought something amazing to the table. His new song “Miami Vice” really feels like it came straight from the golden days (more so the place rather then the show) Alex’s influence from House music can be heard throughout the track with sweet Synth tones riding the waves of the song...

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M.A.D.E.S – Return

Artist: M.A.D.E.S Album: Return Released: June 20th, 2016 “Return” EP by M.A.D.E.S M.A.D.E.S is here with a mixture of heavy bass hitting and beautifully crafted Synth-Electro House. This tantalising EP brings three brand new tracks followed by corresponding remixes by Irving Force, Hijack Da Bass, and Alminia. Opening with the heaviest of bass and roaring engines we can already see what M.A.D.E.S is feeling with his music, as this first track really drives us into the EP. Accompanied with gritty tones and dramatic string work it begs the questions what hardships have we faced? What battles have been fought? And, as we...

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