Author: Jean-Pierre Van Damme

Alex – Youth

ALEX returned with his best work so far and released a brand new 5-track EP called “Youth”. Five super rad and nostalgic tracks with incredible vocals from Rachel McAlpine on three tracks. Wonderfull dark erotic Synthwave paired with great melodies. A must have and a must listen. Get addicted here: <a href=””>Youth by...

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Christine – Atom From Heart

CHRISTINE finally returned with a masterpiece of an album called “Atom From Heart” and it will explode your ears. Its hot, its sharp and it will break your jaws. A groundbreaking mix from Synthwave to Future Bass to Retro Hip Hop and Electro. This album will give you goosebumps. 11 powerful tracks you need in your life. Avaiable digital as limited Digipack CD and Vinyl. Thrilling, killing and mouthwatering. Get your dose here: <a href=””>Atom From Heart by...

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Lazerhawk – Interview

Question N°1 : Can you please introduce yourself to those that may be new to your work? My name is Garrett Hays. I’m from Austin TX and I make synthwave music under the name Lazerhawk. Question N°2 : What are your musical influences? I grew up listening to a lot of 80’s pop music on the radio while I was doing my homework. The 80s pop music was the first time that I was listening to music that was different from what my parents were listening to, so the music from the 80’s will always be special to me....

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Sellorekt/LA Dreams – Decades

Sellorakt/LA Dreams is back with a brand new and hot album called “Decades” and its a blast! Finest Synthwave paired with fast Outrun and smooth vocals. The best soundscapes to drive throught Venice Beach while rocking your muscle shirt and style your moustache. A wonderfull retro album with 8 amazing tracks to wake the wanderlust to travel back to the 80s. Listen, load and fall in love here: Decades by Sellorekt/LA...

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A Space Love Adventure – Limit Break

A SPACE LOVE ADVENTURE released his new power synth album called “Limit Break”. The perfect soundtrack for a retro action movie super combo. Axel Foley teamed up with Cobra, Riggs and Murtaugh to have the ultimate showdown with hundreds of bad guys. And this Album is the right score for that. Action filled guitars, sweet synth leads and catchy vocals. Reload, pedal to the metal and be sure to play this album in your boombox with maximum volume: <a href=””>Limit Break by A Space Love...

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