Author: Jean-Pierre Van Damme

Ephixia & Laura Brehm – Losing You

Ephixia is well known for his wonderfull melodic electro and dreamy dubstep music and released a Synthwave inspired track few weeks ago. Now he released a new single called “Losing you” featuring the majestic vocalist Laura Brehm. Monstercat always had a hand for emotional electro acts and this track proves why. Fall in love and losing you...

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Karate King – Nightmare Vision: Music for Film

All-rounder Karate King released a brand new horror synth album called “Nightmare Vision: Music for Film”. It’s a 21 track album full with his best musical pieces written in 2015 and 2016. For everyone who loves music from John Carpenter to Fabio Frizzi and Goblin. Finest giallo score filled with Dark Synth to bring a ultimate retro horror soundtrack for your ears. Buy it now here as digital download or pre-order quick a limited cassette edition: Nightmare Vision: Music for Film by Karate...

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Scythe Saga Records – Order of the Impaled

Scythe Saga Records did it again and unleashed a mouth watering new horror comp called: “Order of the Impaled”. 11 tracks from Dark Synth to Prog rock let you dive deeper into the Scythe Universe. A mind blowing story of a Unholy Cult and a dozen of well known and beloved Artists like Cody Carpenter, Damokles, 20SIX Hundred, Jon of the Shred, Deadlife and many more. Buy your digital copy or a limited cd here: Order of the Impaled by Scythe Saga...

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Vincenzo Salvia & Pj d’Atri – Follow The Power

We have the power! While listening to the newest powerful EP from Vincenzo Salvia & PJ d’Atri. Four amazing guitar filled Synthrock and Synthpop tracks to get you in the perfect mood to take on everything. “Follow the Power” motivates and you can’t stand still. The tracks make us hungry for more and we hope for a full release with power like this. Listen, love and get the power here: Follow The Power by Vincenzo Salvia & Pj...

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Hungarian Synthwave Allstars – Hungarian Synthwave Allstars – vol​.​2

Listen to good Synthwave Music for a cheap price? And do something good for it? 14 wonderfull synthwave tracks from many Hungarian Synthwaves Artists like Lazerpunk, Gridscape, Quixotic, The Neon Droid and so many more. With buying this album will also help a charity for highly disabled sweet little boy from Budapest, Hungary. Táltos was born with serious movement disability and brain damage because of the lack of oxygen during his labour. His got only one dream now: to walk on his own feet one day! He is waiting for two serious orthopedic surgery and a long and painful (and expensive)...

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