Author: Naïl Rayner

Beatbox Machinery – Video Tapes & Synthesizers (Official Video)

The french video makers known as the Brutal Century Cops are tiptoeing between the 70’s and the 80’s with that clip they made for Beatbox Machinery’s track ”Video Tapes & Synthesizers”. Eerie and oppressive sounds go well along those visions of dirty streets filled with weird sociopathic hoodlums. They’re just looking for a brawl, so if you’re not into violence, make sure you don’t cross their path....

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Follow Him: Facebook / Soundcloud / Twitter / Website   THE INTERVIEW   Question N°1 : Can you please introduce yourself to those that may be new to to your work ? Hey! My name is Vasek and I am from Czech Republic. As a producer I call myself Atrey because it sounds cool. I make electronic music with some kind of retro flavor but I don’t consider myself being a strictly “retrowave” producer. I would rather call it a visage of my music rather than the goal. The music itself is the main object of my music. Question N°2: What are your musical influences ?...

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Jordan F – Mesmerised (feat. Dana Jean Pheonix)

Next September 18 will see the release of Jordan F’s new album. For all of you troopers out there who are mega-eager to listen to it, you might want to check out Mesmerised, a single taken straight from the aforementioned opus, featuring vocalist Dana Jean Phoenix. It’s impossible to avoid a sense of romance when the latter is singing, and Jordan’s playful synth parts serve as a perfect backbone for this tune. We want more...

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Stellar Dreams – Beyond Horizons

Malaysia raddest duo Stellar Dreams wants to see you drooling anxiously as they made three of their upcomping EP’s tracks available on Bandcamp! We’ll most likely be telling again about Beyond Horizons once it comes out, in the meantime you might just want to listen to these tracks blessed with the voice of a Stellar Angel. Beyond Horizons EP by Stellar...

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Chromatics – Shadow

Released as a single by Adult Swim, here’s a freebie straight from Portland. Chromatics brings chilly electronic vibes for those who like their music with a touch of nostalgia. Just listen to those soft vocals, you’ll get the...

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