Author: Tim Zero

Vermair – Bloody Fingers

Zero to Synth in no time! It has been a bit for us Synthwavers out there to get bit by the bug, and by bug, we mean, the Outrun bug. And we don’t need a salve for this one! It’s immediately given us the itch for hard turns, peel outs, drifting, taking sweet jumps and going as fast as humanly possible and it is all thanks to this bloody brilliant Frenchman. Vermair’s new song called, “Bloody Fingers” from the upcoming “Go Fast” EP will be hitting the streets and squalling rubber on the asphalt on January 18, 2017, from...

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Stilz – Starcrash

Artist: Stilz Album: Starcrash Released: January 13th, 2017 <a href=””>Starcrash by Stilz</a> A Synthwave/Outrun/Cyberpunk work of art. The cold Arctic winds can not stop the heat that this Synthlord is bringing to us tomorrow! Friday, January 13, 2017, Calgary Canada native Stilz will be releasing his album called “Starcrash” from Lazerdiscs Records and it is everything you could hope for. A little bit of outrun, a dash of synthwave and a whole lot of cyperpunk vibes to tie the ensemble all together. The album’s first track titled “Starcrash” gets down and dirty, skips the entire preamble, throws all that...

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STARFORCE – Nebular Anomaly

The past and future merge! Relax all you Synthwavers out there! We here at DriveRadio know what you’ve been thirsting for! And to paraphrase their bio, “Long ago, a great and incredible power was created in the universe and this power is known by the name of STARFORCE!”  Spacesynth headliners STARFORCE have a new track that is a monumental continuation to their star opera opus “Age of Nano” called “Nebular Anomaly” and it is amazing! A powerfully crafted and darkly esoteric song with bang on melodies and killer synth stabs, Kim Lakefield and Chris Highstream, the fearless Finland duo...

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Lazerhawk – Dreamrider

Artist: Lazerhawk Album: Dreamrider Released: January 18th, 2017 <a href=””>Dreamrider by Lazerhawk</a>The internet is collectively foaming at the mouth and aglow with anticipation for Jan the 18 so that they can purchase Lazerhawk’s newest album Dreamrider. You can almost feel it when you turn on your computer and run your fingers over the keyboard. It has been 3 years since his last album. In internet time, 3 years could be likened unto dog years. People’s attention spans have shortened because of all the constant barrage of stimuli. But the amazing thing is, his fans patiently waited. Patience in this...

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Nowtro – Uplink

Retro Infusion! Here’s something that you need to put before everything else that you are doing right now. Go now and listen to “Uplink” and pay your respects to this wondrous aural magician. This 80’s revivalist known through out the World Wide Web as Nowtro, has gotten so close to the chrono-organism that most musicians out there only get a glimpse of. He’s actually ventured past the heavy veil of nostalgia and into the time vein that we synthwavers can only temporarily visit. Nowtro has taken up residence there now. Like a temporal lord navigator of sorts, his songs...

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