Author: Tim Zero

Du Tonc – Wonderland

Pure infatuation, in song form The gifted duo of Matthew and Matt, also known by their collective name of Du Tonc, has produced something truly remarkable for all us synthwavers out there in the land of neon dreams and endless sunsets. Their amazing new song called, “Wonderland”, simply floors us with a perfect beginning that creates swelling tides of dopamine, adrenaline and norepinephrine within you,  making you love drunk and immediately captures our attention and more importantly, our hearts. You’ll instantly catch your self swaying your head to this hazy nu disco beat. The easy going atmosphere of the...

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Starfounder – Anger

From Russia, with Synth! Something has crept through from the beyond the Iron Curtain, dear listeners. Something  fierce and furious! Russia Synthnaut and major talent Starfounder has blessed us with his 3rd work called Anger, which was released in November of this year and it, is a fantastic discovery and all around great EP. This 6 track album runs us through the gauntlet of emotions of dread, fear, nostalgia and joy. The boiling tension conveyed in this record, if it could become a tangible thing and corded into a cable, could pull a planet loose from its orbit. “Prologue “begins...

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Paladin – Unknown Zones

Messages from Space! These songs would be well at home in a late 70’s sci-fi film easily! It’s almost painful how good there songs are! Paladin is one of those musician/wizards that you’ll be banging your head up against a wall yelling, “How have I not heard of this guy?! “ He just comes up out of nowhere from under our radar and broadsides us with this amazing LP. It’s as if this guy came through a wound in the time space continuum from an era when Gerry Anderson ruled the television and space exploration was in its infancies, and...

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Alert! Alert! Someone has slipped past our defenses! Someone has stealthily gone under our radar, infiltrated our base and planted an earworm. This synthwave ninja has a name and you will remember it after you hear what he’s created. This master of Darkwave, Futuresynth goes by the name of Vogel. The Los Angeles native is not even shy at showing off his talents and letting us know that he’s got the skills to pay the bills. His EP, titled Imperivm, dropped today, and if he can pull off cramming so much amazingness in just two songs, then just imagine...

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The Summoner Original Soundtrack

Artist: Lazerdiscs Records Album: The Summoner Original Soundtrack Released: November 18th, 2016 <a href=””>The Summoner – Original Soundtrack by Lazerdiscs Records</a> The Summoner is an all out Eighties homage to the horror pictures of old with a killer soundtrack some of today’s greatest Synthwavers. Written and directed by James Secker the short film is about another reality where viscous wraiths haunt almost every house and the only way to get rid of said spirit is by bringing in a Summoner, who will rip the prescence from its place and banish it forever. With aesthetic inspiration varying from the films like the Wraith,...

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