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Lazerhawk – Dreamrider Preview

2016 is the year of dread and death, fear and loathing, a year of strife and separation of the common people. For most of us, this year has hit us over and over with the falling of a lot of our beloved heroes. One by one we watch helplessly as they are taking away from us to oblivion. It’s hard for all of us to hold our head up and look for the positive as this year gets closer to an end. An ancient Synthwave prophecy was foretold and scrawled on a bulletin board during the days of dial...

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Rain Sword – Sports Mode

“Sports Mode” by the Californian Rain Sword, pulls you in with a late 70’s break beat that fades out into a wonderful melody full of nostalgic tidbits to entice and bring a smile to your face, after a particular hard day and nothing seems to click and go right for you. This song is glorious time machine and it lives in this world to remind us that life isn’t about status or money. It’s about rejecting reality and substituting it with your own that isn’t force fed to you. This song gives you that care free feeling again, the...

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Dynatron – The Rigel Axiom

Artist: Dynatron Album: The Rigel Axiom Released: November 4th, 2016 The Rigel Axiom by Dynatron Greetings fellow stargazers and synthwavers alike, you are in for something very special. November 4, 2016 is when you will need to be in line, with your ticket in hand and be prepared for a journey out there into the stars. Dynatron’s newest work will be thought of as an afterward to the album, “Aeternus”, “The Rigel Axiom” goes more in-depth into previous places explored, the saga of deep space exploration, and the toll that it can have on the human mind, spirit and soul.  It will be...

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Future Dark Club Vol.1

Artist: Lazerdiscs Records Album: Future Dark Club Released: October 28th, 2016  Future Dark Club by Various Artists Music to do more than trick or treat to! With all hallows eve being just days away, what better way to celebrate at your costume party, or in your car then with Future Dark Club Vol.1 from Lazerdiscs Records! This 12 track album is full of assorted dark gems from up and coming and Synth Lords alike. It’s available today so it will behoove you to purchase it, with great speed and immediacy! Starting this little creepy shindig with the perfectly named “Haunted City”...

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Z6B3R – 2020

Prepare for emergency landing, Z6B3R is coming in hot! The perfect beginning to a song should always grab your attention, and Z6B3R does so brilliantly with the low beautiful drones that gradually surface to include important but sparse synth stabs. 2020 just screams for a film to be made around it. Like Rudy Ray Moore of the Dolemite fame, this song is a big piece of leather and well put together. This talented Synthwaver knows exactly how to craft together a great song. When it cultivates a mood as well a really good rhythm, and this one does both as...

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