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The Interview


Quesion N°1 : Absolute Valentine, what a name! Is there a story behind your name ? Do you consider yourself a “Ladies Man” ?

Hi Andrew, first of all I would like to thank you for this interview. Yes, there is a true story behind the name: 3 years ago my heart got broken by my ex-girlfriend, so I decided to not loose hope and stil trust in love. “Ladies Man”, (lot’s of laughter) yeah in a way! I am really galant with women. Perhaps i have found my Absolute Valentine, now who knows ???

Question N°2 : So, you’ve got a new album coming out, “Police Heartbreaker”. It’s been two years now since your last release. Any major changes to your style ?

To me this album was a real challenge, I needed to find a bridge between my 2 previous EP Sunset Love and American Nightmares. It was really hard to find a new concept so to feel comfortable i have take my time to produce 9 tracks. I wanted to get the most accurate vision of this album. Police Heartbreaker is a true outrun and synthwave adventure based on a real life situation. So, all the tracks are more solid than my previous vision.

Question N°3 : I understand you’ve also got a lot of projects in the works – soundtrakcs for a video game and a film as well ?

Yes, I have tracks that will be used in the game called “Defragmented”, produced by Glass Knuckles Games. The soundtrack will be amazing, as it also includes Mitch Murder, Shirobon, and Dance With The Dead. This game is a sort of Hotline Miami, but featured in a cyber punk universe.

I was then approached after American Nightmares by the Harmill Brothers. These guys are amazing: they approached me about using “Chainsaw Revenge” for their film: The Wrong Floor, of which the big surprise was that they used it for trailer, also. I was so proud. It (the film) will be released in 2016, and feature another synthwave artist on the soundtrack: Sellorekt/LA Dreams.

Question N°4 : How long have you been interested in synthwave music ? I know you do a lot of work behind the scenes… ?

I have been interested in the synthwave music for 3 years, now. Niky Nine made me discover it, by force (laughter); he is my best friend. Yes behind the scenes I try to promote a lot of artists. I have met so many great ones and we share the vision we have, regarding the scene. I will name a few i personally enjoy: Waveshaper, Robert Parker, Street Fever, Fixions, Dynatron, VHS Glitch, Alex Davidson, Volt-Age. Synthwave still needs more promotion, even if some big artists begin to emerge.

Question N°5 : What instruments and programs do you use to create your sound ? Any favorite VST’s or drum machines ?

I’m an Ableton Live addict, the DAW is so incredible and modular. My favorite Drum Machine is the Roland CR 78; it sounds so big and analog ( the kick on Out Of The Void as example). As VSTi, I use the most of time analog synthesis virtual synth, i’m a big fan of synth programing. It impresses me when thinking about a kind of sound and be able to transcribe it with a few knob twists. It gives you a personal signature (sound).

Question N°6 : Did you use any special production techniques for your new album?

As I mentioned before: yes, i have used a special technique for this album. First, I have built a synth soundbank with my physical synth, using a moog, a dsi, and an old yamaha. The second step was to imagine a cool story and write the music to great a distinctive and more original sound. It results in a rich and emotional world. By the way, I was approached by Samplephonics to provide a sample pack, of which I hope a lot of synthwave begginers will enjoy. It will provide some nice melodies and big drum shots.


Question N°7 : What are some of your favorite recent releases from other artists ?

This year I was really impressed by the Kung Fury Soundtracks and Gunship album. Artists, such as Pylot, Billboard, Lazerhawk, and Varien, are always on repeat in my Ipod.

Question N°8 : When you’re not riding the synthwave, what do you like to do in your spare time?

Mmmm this question is quite difficult, 80 % of my time is invest in synthwave. The rest: I love potter about in the garden, as I believe even though we live in a big virtual world, its very important to not loose contact with mother nature: the real world.

Question N°9 : Synthwave always seems to be inspired from 80’s films – what are some of your favorites?

I have got a lot of favourite 80’s movies. John Carpenter movies are some of my favourites, and I also love David Cronenberg’s vision of humanity. Chromosome 3 and The Fly are so graphic and surreal, yet, on the flip side, Galaxina made me laugh a lot, with its macho-ness. However, my favorite movie of all time doesn’t come from the 80’s… I love The Crow. Its a sad love story that can fit easily into the Absolute Valentine’s universe.


Question N°10 : Are there particular films that inspired your new album?

Police Heartbreaker is inspired, directly, by the manga City Hunter, I feel a little bit like him when I look at women (lot’s of laughter): excited, galant, but protector and serious when it’s needed. But this time, the world have lost all hope in love.

Question N°11 : What can we expect from you in the future? Do you ever plan on doing any live sets?

Only time will tell. I’m now working on a live version of all my tracks, so we will see!

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