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Q1: How do you produce your tracks? Do you have any special composition methods or some magic music sauce you drink beforehand?

Hehe. Well, I usually try to get the idea about the entire track immediately. When I do that, and succeed, I usually end up with a finished piece of music quite fast. I also try to listen to a lot of other music than my own when I produce. You usually quickly go blind from what you’re doing and then you need fresh ears in order to go back to a creative stage.

Q2: Are there any artists you’d like to play a live show with in the synth scene? Outside of the synth scene?

Of course, we are big community by now and it’s always fun to meet new people. By now I’ve played both in Europe, Australia, Russia, Canada and China. But it would be very cool to meet and play with people in the scene from the United States.
We’re already starting to see some crossovers to other genres, in my case and my kind of style there have been a few crossovers with French electro like Lifelike and Pyramid. It will be very interesting to see how this develops!

Q3: Is there any background to your music that fans might not know about? How does your personal life affect your creative process?

I’ve played music in different ways since the early 90s, however electronic music I’ve done since 1997 when I started using fasttracker2.
A funny detail is I played in an Irish folk music band for a few years in the beginning of the 2000’s, however the band has disbanded since 10 years.
I mostly produce best in the morning so I usually try to take time to make music in that period. Even though life can be busy, I always make time to make music. I usually try to come up with a new idea every day.


Q4: You have an upcoming show with Pyramid, Absolute Valentine and Waveshaper – I notice you’ve played more than a few shows with Waveshaper before, and you’re both from Sweden. Are you friends outside of music?

Yes, definitely. We have a bromance going on, hehe. We have done a lot of music together through the years.


Q5: You released your most recent EP, “Awakening,” on Lazerdiscs records. Why join Lazerdiscs – and how have you like your experience with the label?

A long time ago I made a promise to the Lazerdiscs CEO I would do a release there, and I always want to keep my promises. My sound has always been inspired by the French touch electro genre so for me it felt natural to approach a label in France. And apart from that, I am very happy with my release there. The people working for Lazerdiscs are the kindest, most hard working people there is and all their releases keep high quality. Highly Recommended!


Q6: What is your favorite synth, and your “dream” synth?

My favorite synth right now, I must say, is my Moog Prodigy. Such a great synth to use live. Very prominent sounding in a mix and so easy to use. My dream synth would probably be a Yamaha CS-80. One day, maybe!


Q7: Top three lesser-known electronic artists?

Oh, this is a very hard question because there are so many great artists out there. But if I’m supposed to make a shout out, I would say: Pengus, Viktor Pilkington and PeaceFIRE.


Q8: Top 3 electronic tracks this summer?

Hehe! This is also very difficult. But again, from the top of my head I would say: Mind Gamers – Golden Boy feat. Karl Lagerfeld, Bachelor of Hearts – Aurora Borealis and Collapsing Scenery – Straight World (Oliver Remix)


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