Robert Parker Interview

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  • Question N°1: Can you please introduce yourself to those that may be new to your work?

I’m just a Swedish guy who loves to make electronic music, particularly with 80s influences 🙂 i’ve been doing it for twenty years now!

  • Question N°2: What are your musical influences? What kind of music do you listen when not producing?

I always listen to French touch music from the mid and late 90s. It’s such a great source of inspiration, both when it comes to melodies and production-wise. However I always try to think outside the box and listen to other genres, like classical music, hip-hop, and other styles as well. And to be honest, when I am producing, I listen to more music than ever, in order not to be too influenced by myself 🙂

  • Question N°3: What is your earworm at the moment? What have you listening to on repeat recently?

I just found Rex Ronan, i’ve been listening to his tracks on repeat the last weeks, awesome choices of melodies and you never get tired of it!

  • Question N°4: What inspires you while working on new Music?

When I’m making new tracks, I almost dedicate more time listening to other music than producing my own. That is, because I always want to be able to express myself in new ways. In order to do that, you need to step out of your comfort zone and get new influences. You will never evolve as a musician if you just repeat your own expressions, you need to be inspired by others in order to develop.

  • Question N°5:  What programs and instruments do you use for your Music? What is your favourite VST you use? And which Drum Machine do you prefer?

Since a few years I both work and play live with Ableton Live. I tend to change VSTs often, but I always come back to the polysix and the TAL-UNO even though I have the real thing too 🙂 

When I play live, I usually use my Moog Prodigy and I have recently discovered the Korg Volca FM, such a great little box! The Roland Tr-707 it’s my favorite drum machine and it follows me everywhere I go 🙂

  • Question N°6: How you came to the Synthwave Scene? When you decided to start your own Music Career in that Genre?

Around 2009-2010 I started to buy hardware synthesizers and I went crazy and tried a lot of different things with them. I started to put up quite a big variety of styles on SoundCloud, but somehow I got stuck with the more 80s influenced music. In 2012 I was contacted by Swedish photographer Joakim Reimer who did a project on photographing synthwave artists, he said. “OK” I thought to myself, “maybe that’s what I am?” He definitely has a role in labeling my music. We became good friends. He is also a producer and one half of the the duo shyguys who I collaborated with on my crystal city album.

  • Question N°7: Is there some Synthwave/Dark Synth Artist you would love to collab/work?

I don’t know really, there are a lot of great artist in that branch, it’s a really thriving genre which is very inspiring! Carpenter brut is a personal favorite.

  • Question N°8: If you could choose one film director to make a music video for you who could that be?

Wow, that’s a hard question! However I’m really fond of the Swedish director Jonas Åkerlund so that would be very cool 🙂

  • Question N°9: What are your favourite Movie flicks or Video Games? 

I very rarely have time to watch TV or movies nowadays, however I saw the stranger things TV series last year and that was great. Black Mirror is another favorite. When it comes to older movies, Blade Runner is always something I go back to from time to time. Both because of the music and the amazing photo.

  • Question N°10: Zombies or Vampires? Star Wras or Star Trek? X Men or The Avengers? And why?

Vampires, because you can talk to them 🙂

Star Trek, because of the higher grade of scientific accuracy and the interesting philosophical themes.

X-men, because of the parallels to modern contextual conflicts.

  • Question N°11: You just released your brand new Album “Awakening”, what was the main inspiration while workin on it? Who made that awesome Artwork? Is there a story behind those amazing tracks?

Yes, Awakening is an album I developed with inspiration from my live shows. It’s a good reality check to go out and play live, you realize that the genre is still quite small, even though you have dedicated people everywhere. Some sounds and structures work better than others, so the album is the result of inspiration from my live sets, the music I heard when I traveled, and I also tried out a lot of tracks live before I chose to have them on the record. The artwork is made by Florian Renner, Who also did my crystal city artwork.

  • Question N°12: You played some live shows, what was the coolest/most rad moment on tour?

Well, that’s hard to say! However my first live show I did was in 2014, in Helsinki with Waveshaper. The crowd was crazy and we played until morning when they had to cut the power. That was awesome. 🙂 But St. Petersburg, Berlin and Beijing are also three cities with very fond memories and a great crowds to play for 🙂

  • Question N°13: What was the best or worst thing as on tour and do you have a crazy funny tour story to tell?

I have met so many great people on tour. That’s always the best thing, and the reason why I play abroad. It’s so healthy getting a perspective of the world are visiting other countries and other people. So far I have not had any bad experiences with the touring, however sometimes the technology doesn’t really work. When I played with shyguys recently everything became silent but we managed to wrap it up quite good in the end anyway 🙂

  • Question N°14: Before going on stage, how do you warm up and get in the right mood for a show?

I dance around, have a beer, or maybe two 🙂

  • Question N°15: What are your plans for 2017? Are you working on new music? A new ep? A new Album? Or other projects youre involved in?

Yes, I always have new plans! I am right now booking the rest of 2017 for live shows, and I always work on new music. I have teamed up with a great vocalist so I have high expectations for that. I will also be part of the rise of the synths companion album, It will be released together with the documentary with the same name. There are still a few big names on that release which I am really excited about. I have also made music to a full length movie together with Waveshaper called “the video man”, that will be released later this year.


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