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Question N°1: Your recent EP, “Velocity” went live a couple months ago – what new techniques or equipment did you use when composing it?

I mixed quite a lot for the EP, Some analog vintage stuff + VST.s. I really like the NI FM8 as an alternative to a heavy Yamaha DX7 – It sounds just as fine.

Question N°2: You wrote in a previous interview that when composing, you usually start off with a main theme, and build the track around it. Are there any other production techniques you use? What is your secret to pumping out these premium-grade tracks?

For this EP I used some standard templates from tracks I are to station Nova. I took some tracks that I personally thought had a good mix then I started from there. My thing is probably a catchy melody with an interesting chord progressions  The idea with Velocity was to make something slightly more powerful so I worked more with the mixing / sound design. It took almost 1 year to complete.

Question N°3: Your music often features science-fiction inspired themes. Are there any deeper stories or meanings behind tracks that might not be well known?

Yes. Some are quite sci-fi sounding and I have two main characters in the Waveshaper universe. The guy from Exploration 84 and the Station Nova girl. I like to dream away a little bit and create some imaginary stories when I produce. Some tracks relate to imaginary stuff and some to real life things actually.

Question N°4: Does your personal life bleed into your music or style? (…I’d like to think you came up with thetheme for “Mega Fighter” while flying down the highway during a police chase… )

Hehe. It does for sure in some way. The track Mega Fighter is actually a homage to Mega Man. Velocity had more influences from the retro game 8-bit era / Amiga etc. The melody / chord progression of the “theme” was inspired by the awesome soundtrack of Mega Man. However I still wanted to combine it with my own sound.

Question N°5: Some artists and fans alike worry about an over-saturation in the synthwave genre, or an over-use of various retro tropes like neon colours, gridlines, etc. Is this something you worry about?

Nahh. I don’t know really. I have seen that people are starting to discuss about that synthwave is not that it used to be etc.

I think that this is somehow naturally when more artists enters the scene. Take a look at dubstep for example that faced the same thing when it started to reach mainstream. I personally don’t think that synth wave will go full mainstream but it will be more features in movies / video games and more known artist will carry in the sound.

Question N°6: Again, in an old interview, you related how you used to make different genres of electronic music years ago. Any chance we’ll get to see those trance, techno, etc. tracks in the future?

Yes. Maybe I will demonstrate that. It took a while before I found my  ”DNA” in terms on music style. I have made music since around 2001 but then it was all for personal / highschool parties etc.

It sounds really crap when I listen to it today. haha.. My last project before Waveshaper was actually officially released in 2007. You can listen to it here:

Position Zero – Battery Dancer EP

It was very techno / Chemical Brothers inspired. Ps it is not me on the EP cover…

Question N°7: You gave us a rundown of your VST’s and DAW’s before – have you added anything new or changed your production style since our last interview?

On the VST side I am exploring Monark which is a very good Mini Moog emulator I have also added some more FX stuff but not that many new VST synths. I bought a Sequencer for my ARP 2600. An ARP 1601. I will challenge myself a bit for my next EP and only use my ARP 2600, Jupier 4 + Oberheim DX. It is not that it is only Hardware stuff but I want to do something new / different for the next thing and I think that this might result in something interesting. For sure, it will take longer time but I don´t have any stress.

Question N°8: What is your main, “Go-to” hardware synth(s), and what is your “Dream” synth(s)?

I would say the Roland Jupiter 4. It has a fantastic ”old” genuine sound. But it is not that much ”go-to”. It semi-died when me & Robert played in Helsinki. After that it could only generate one drone-sounding noise. I actually used it as intro in “Arp Sont Diamonds”, Very Capenter-ish. Now it works again…Dream synth. I was looking at the Roland Jupiter 8 for a long time.. It is too expensive & now we have the boutique version JU-08.

If I had to choose whatever I want I would probably take something bizarre & rare like the EMS synthi 100.

Question N°9: Who are your top 3 lesser-known synth artists?


– Oscillian

– Compilerbau


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