Carbon Killer – The Last Stand

by | Feb 22, 2018 | Darkwave, News | 1 comment

The debut EP from the cyberpunk synthwave sensation Carbon Killer coming right around the corner!

“Carbon Inc” is being hyped as huge release – and if the sneak-peak single is anything to go by, this EP is sure to be a hostile merger. Filled to the brim with cybersynth overtones, driving devilish basslines, and a proclivity for powerful melodies, “The Last Stand” teases at a truly great debut – all set player 1 to mash the start button on March 16th. This release is certainly not one you want to miss! Don’t take my word for it – grab a listen to the singe, “The Last Stand” below.

All Kills. All Thrills.

Come and become incorporated.

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  1. Andross

    This is gold


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