Daniel Deluxe VS Neoslave

by | Feb 15, 2018 | News, Synthwave | 2 comments

The clash of the Titans. The fight of the century. Daniel Deluxe vs Neoslave.

It’s the battle of the music videos. Both Artist released a brand new video for one of their latest tracks from the newest albums.

In the red corner: NEO SLAVE with his video for “DigiSexDreams”:

A sensual trip into a cyberpunk virtual reality with art pieces inspired from scifi Retro Anime movies.

Album available on Lazerdiscs Records :

And in the blue corner DANIEL DELUXE with his video for “Almaz”:

Dark futuristic visions of a dystopian future war from Space.

And the winner of this spectacular fight is:

YOU! The fan who was able to watch two unique videos for two amazing tracks from two of the hottest Artists in the scene!


  1. Remy

    Neoslave is better that Daniel Deluxe.

  2. Becca



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