Hello Drivers,

As some of you may have noticed, since last week our online station has been re-directing to lounge music.

Unfortunately, due to unfair corporate action against Radionomy, our stream has been limited to few countries. Radionomy is being blanket sued for “copyright infringement”, since some stations stream major artists that are under the wing of major labels.

Of course Drive Radio does not profit from streaming synthwave, but our non-profit style is of no importance to these major corporations.

We are doing our best to fix this problem, all while bringing you exciting new features as soon as possible in the midst of these events.

We at Drive Radio thank you for your support and patience.
Drive is more than a radio station, it’s a community. We are intent on bringing the best news, interviews and reviews within the synthwave scene – don’t worry we aren’t going anywhere!

The Drive Radio Team.

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