Electric Youth – Good Blood

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Electric Youth is back with an eerie, ethereal track entitled “Good Blood.” In this fantastic piece the atmosphere is created by bright, organ like synths and the melodies arise out of the hauntingly beautiful vocals from Bronwyn Griffin.

This track was released on the album “The Wicked Die Young” – a companion piece to The Neon Demon, Nicolas Winding Refn’s latest film.

If that name sounds familiar, that’s because it should. Refn’s film Drive acted as the catalyst for the current resurgence of the synthwave genre. He’s no stranger to the music, and this stunning compilation gives a rare glimpse into Refn’s musical stylings and his skill in drawing emotion and atmosphere for his films from sound.

“The fourteen tracks on this compilation represent the various ideas I had while preparing The Neon Demon and each song represents a specific emotion. Some of the tracks are from the past and some the present including new material by Cliff Martinez, Julian Winding, and Electric Youth” Refn said in a statement..” Since I wanted my film to be both a horror film and a melodrama with camp, glitter, and vulgarity, as well as a comedy and of course a little science fiction, all these various tracks made me able to step into a parallel world to tell the story.”

So while you check out this awesome cut, be sure to explore the rest of the album from Milan Records. The eclectic mix from a true titan of film allows a glimpse into this musical mind and is sure to offer something to everyone!


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