Mono Memory – Outrun The World

by | Mar 28, 2017 | News, Synthwave | 0 comments

Mono Memory is back with an amazing new single, “Outrun The World.” This track comes as a teaser ahead his first full album – and what a tease it is! If this is the kind of work we can expect to see from Mono Memory in the future, it would be foolish not to get excited.

Featuring some vivacious vocals, “Outrun The World” is a synth-pop extravaganza fueled not by 80’s cheesiness but instead pure nostalgia. Mono Memory was also gracious enough to release the track sans vocals – sure to please the hardcore synth heads and passing pop fans alike. Bright and simultaneously melancholic, this track is a must-listen.

Mono Memory seems to have appeared out of nowhere this past year with his fantastic, nostalgia-soaked debut EP, simply entitled “’85.” Continuing to surprise,“Outrun The World” shows that the first EP was certainly no fluke and that Mono Memory is a producer to watch for in the future!


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