Sellorekt / LA Dreams – Static Shock

by | May 13, 2017 | News, Synthwave | 0 comments

Sellorekt/ LA Dreams newest album, “Static Shock,” is a fantastic selection of wistful and dreamy outrun nostalgia. This album feels a bit more romantic than the usual Sellorekt / LA Dreams, with passionate tracks like ‘Two can Play” and “Kiss Kiss,” which would be well suited to amorous 80’s love scene.

But it’s not all romance on this album – “Outrageous” has some fantastic hooks and the track “Glow” features some amazing sax. The playful and mysterious DownTown has its great moments as well.

Always as precise with melody as mixing and mastering, Sellorekt / LA Dreams never disappoints, and “Static Shock” is no different. With a staggering 44 releases under your belt, it would be easy to repeat themes, but, yet again, Sellorekt / LA Dreams continues to innovate in the synthwave genre.


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