Daniel Deluxe – Instruments of Retribution

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Artist: Daniel Deluxe
Album: Instruments of Retribution
Released: December 6th, 2017

Copenhagen based producer Daniel Deluxe – aka Daniel Alexandrovich – is back with his sophomore album, “Instruments of Retribution” – and it is certainly not for the faint of heart!

Always one to push the limits of darkwave and darksynth, “Instruments of Retribution” is simply Alexandrovich at his finest. This album feels deeper, darker and more intense than his previous releases, as if the chugging basslines themselves are imbued with hatred and rage.

The traditional Daniel Deluxe sound is still there, but it feels updated, more mature. The grindy kaleidoscope of cyber-basslines arrive at very non-traditional discordant melodies that juxtapose his melodic retro synths succinctly – something only possible through near-perfect mixing and mastering.

This album has a perfect blend of fast and slow pace that somehow moves as a cohesive whole – with some tracks at times reminiscent of Gesaffelstein or Street Fever intensity, and others bordering on the devilishly ambient. Although many other darksynth acts fail to be club-worthy, here Alexandrovich nails the mark, creating an astounding sound that would fit just as well in a high-speed Akira chase, Jenova bossfight or a dark underground dancefloor somewhere just below The Matrix.

As a sophomore album, “Instruments of Retribution” is an achievement. Daniel Deluxe has managed to successfully refine his sound and production, creating interesting melodies while also injecting a renewed energy to the mix in a way that would suit all his dark-leaning listeners.

Go grab a listen of this masterpiece while it’s still fresh from the inferno. Top Tracks: “Phantoms,” “Instruments of Retribution,” “Firewall,” and “Prime.”


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