Artist: Dynatron
Album: Aeternus
Released: 4 September, 2015

Space is the final frontier – and Dynatron has conquered it. With the new full-length release ‘Aeternus’, Dynatron has expanded beyond his traditional production style, relying heavily on ambiance and a wide range of layered synths to produce a truly new and immersive sound.

This album is not one to dance to, rather, it is something to lay back and simply experience. Each part of this album seems to be a carefully crafted (and meticulously mixed) omage to various science fiction masterpieces – and it does that job well. True to form of synthwave, these songs could easily comprise soundtrack to a film set amongst a backdrop of dying stars – but something more is at work here.


From the very beginning of ‘Aeternus’, it is clear Dynatron is heading new directions. ‘Hyperion Sunrise’ and ‘Aeternus Theme’ simply have a more epic feel than many previous releases. They feel like the beginning of a cult film. Track after track delivers a constantly changing spacescape of sound you can almost see with your mind’s eye.

There is an ambient tonality working its way around the background that adds a sense of mystery and adventure. From beginning to end each song stacks up against the last in this sense of… audial story telling.


Dynatron has previously played with science fiction themes, but has always stayed true to the synthwave genre. Here we have an album very tonally different than it’s predecessors. It’s more complex, featuring unwinding arpeggiations and odd rythmic changes. ‘Aeternus’ is more cinimatic, more space than wave. More….spacewave.

Whatever you want to call it, ‘Aeternus’ is different. It’s produced well, and it’s out now on Aphasia Records.

So go grab yourself a copy and let this album show you the true depths of the universe!

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