1 L.D.L.A

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Track List:

1. L.D.L.A
2. Operator
3. Words of Love
4. Private Number
5. Sick Obsession
6. Cutting Cords
7. Escape

Communication was produced with the intention to inspire nostalgia of an exciting decade.The beauty of 80’s is represented through Caribbean sounds meet funky guitars and heavy bass-lines. Music and style Inspired heavily from early Madonna (Like A Virgin, Like a Prayer) Sade Adu & Culture Club.

Press play & enjoy! Stay Retro ►►►

(c) JJ Mist 2019

released June 14, 2019

Produced by JJ Mist (J. Eden)
Vocals written and performed by J. Eden.

Additional Writers
Chris Huggett (L.D.L.A, Words of Love)

Chris Huggett (L.D.L.A, Operator, Words of Love)
William Rootes (Private Number, Sick Obsession, Escape)
Geoffrey Carter (Cutting Cords)

Additional Vocals
William Rootes (Escape)
Beth Williams (Escape)

Logan Hunt (NeonVision) for your help on EVERYTHING. Bill – Thank you for inspiring me when I felt like giving up (There were many times XD) My dear friend Ethan Finlay – Thank you for the critiques. Everyone who has supported me since 2015 & the awesome producers I’ve collaborated with. I have learned so much through this process ♥

Mixed by J. Eden
Mastered by Luke Finlay (Primal Mastering NZ)
Recorded, mixed, mastered in New Zealand.

Release Date
June 14, 2019

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