Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

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So i watched BATMAN V SUPERMAN: Dawn of Justice some days ago.

I neet to write some things down and let the world know what i think. First im a big Fan of Zack Snyders movies i loved his remake from DAWN OF THE DEAD (which is still one of the best Zombie movies in the last 20 years i mean), WATCHMEN (a masterpiece of dark noir hero stuff), SUCKER PUNCH (what for amazing storytelling and loveable characters). I also really liked his MAN OF STEEL. Everybody who know me a bit knows that Batman is my childhood hero.

I collect the Comics, played all Videogames, saw all Movies multiple times. I also own a big Batman Tattoo on my forearm. I cant understand why so many people are afraid of a new Version of Batman? In the comics there were Multiverses with different Batmans, many remakes and restarts. We already had different Movie/Series Batman. Adam West, Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, Geoge Clooney and at least Christian Bale. I really love Christian Bales movies. Hes a great actor and lives his roles. But honestly he made an solid job in the Nolan Batman Trilogy. BUT he wasnt the perfect Batman i love from the comics and he doenst had the perfect Batsuit.


He was to cold and depressive in his role. You could not feel the inner demons of aggression and wrath. So lets go back to the movie. There are so many bad critics and unfair words about that movie i will not understand.

This is DC Comics second movie which is the start of the whole DC Movie Universe. Dont judge them to early and dont mess with Marvel again and again. Marvel is in Phase 3 of their Movies and built there Universe in many years. And Marvel also had their mistakes and bad movies. First. Ben Affleck nailed it totally as Bruce Wayne and Batman. He plays a darker version, hes old, hes broken and hes full of anger.

He doesnt kill people, but if a car explodes with villains in there its no problem for him anymore. Supermans role is also really good. You feel the suffering and mistrust against humanity and his own might. I must say i was really surprised how cool Jesse Eisenberg played his role as Lex Luthor. Its a different version we know from the comics or past movies. Hes younger and more psychotic. Like a insane Zuckerberg. Also Gal Gadot is a really nice woman. His screentime as Wonder Woman is short but intense. But dont get me wrong she acted to much like a Xena-soft-version and looked ridiculous in some scenes i mean. The soundtrack was epic. Hans Zimmer and Junkie XL made the perfect fitting score ever. Attention now i write about some scenes with SPOILERS in it.


So if you dont saw the movie pls dont read it till the end of my score. SPOILERS: . . The cameos of Flash, Cyborg and Aquaman were decent, and really amazing i mean. Perfect to get a small glimbse into the JL Movie who will follow. . The death of Superman is a really hard thing but its really awesome that Zack Snyder made that. So its Batman turn to form the JL. . . SPOILER ENDS… So i will hit the cinema again next week to watch it again.

Im happy what Zack Snyder made and can understand some of the critics. But its a Movie made from a Fan for Fans. There were many easter eggs and secrets only DC Fans can understand. And the speed of the story is normally for Zack Snyder Movies (see Watchmen, Man of Steel or Sucker Punch). It is a great start for an amazing Universe and DC wants to be different to the MARVEL Movies. So there is no bright colored action comedy and after credit scenes in there. It is fast, dark and brutal.

A comic movie for the grown up fans. My score is 10 bats from 10


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