May we present the newest issues from our partner and friend Der Zombie: Issue no. 12 with a Special about Peter Jacksons BAD TASTE.

60 pages full of behind the scenes material, reviews, previews, articles and news. Issue no. 13 with a Special about Michael Jacksons THRILLER Musicvideo. Again 60 pages full of behind the scenes, news, previews and a Cozilla Monster part. You can order it direct over their shop or via Attention the magazin is in german, well written and really interesting insider informations and easter eggs.

Dont forget to check also out their recent released issues with Specials about: EVIL DEAD, DANW OF THE DEAD, THE THING, DAY OF THE DEAD, ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK, TERMINATOR, NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET and so much more…

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