Something epic is coming from Detroit!

Salvation Code is the free download given to us lovers of the synthwave, that gives us a glimpse into his latest work, the self titled album “Scandroid” that is coming to us eager fans for pre-order on Oct 21, 2016.

Salvation Code is a tale of ascension from the dredges of darkness and despair, into the brilliant light of forgiveness. Wonderfully upbeat and well formed, you can really tell that Scandroid, (also known as Klayton) is not only a musical virtuoso, but is a genius behind the scenes in the production room. He knows every inch of that place!

Salvation Code is world creating at its finest, but in sonic form. If this is any indication to what his new album, which comes out November 11, 2016, is like then we are in for something special for us synthwave fans!