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Hungarian Synthwave Allstars – Hungarian Synthwave Allstars – vol​.​2

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Listen to good Synthwave Music for a cheap price? And do something good for it?

14 wonderfull synthwave tracks from many Hungarian Synthwaves Artists like Lazerpunk, Gridscape, Quixotic, The Neon Droid and so many more.

With buying this album will also help a charity for highly disabled sweet little boy from Budapest, Hungary.

Táltos was born with serious movement disability and brain damage because of the lack of oxygen during his labour. His got only one dream now: to walk on his own feet one day!

He is waiting for two serious orthopedic surgery and a long and painful (and expensive) rehabilitation program. Please help us to help him to so he can get all the necessary treatments and therapy as soon as possible.

By buying this album, 100% of the money goes directly to Táltos, so your help will be immediate and effective. In return you will get a awesome compilation with many cool artists on that.

Listen to synthwave and making this planet a better place.
Great Job!

Listen, love and help here:

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