Absolute Valentine – Sunset Love Vinyl Edition

Aug 17, 2018

Lazerdiscs Records just released their first vinyl edition. And what a choice, they have made for this, the critically-acclaimed Absolute Valentine – Sunset Love album.

Sunset Love is a mix of romantic synth lines and solid dance beats, as it’s a chill-retro-wave but danceable album. Absolute Valentine introduces to you a kind of soundstripe for 2 lovers living their last night. « She is a Dancer », « Supernova Run » and « One Night in Miami 1986 » are without a doubt the best tracks of this LP.

If you are a synthwave, synthpop and retrowave fan don’t miss this release as it’s a synthwave classic. As it’s limited to 300 copies and what a nice color choice, red transparent is gorgeous. Also, something that will make you fall in love with this cult object is the shipping price, one of the lowest in Europe (5€ less than competitors to USA), for this kind of merchandise.

Get this epic vinyl here!