Agent Murphy – Virtual emotions

Jan 13, 2016 | Music, Synthwave


1. Virtual emotions
2. Follow your heart
3. Funk that thing
4. Storms
5. 東京より愛をこめて (instrumental)

Take a walk at the beach either at dusk or dawn, or from dusk ‘till dawn while listening to Agent Murphy’s “Follow Your Heart”!

Exactly what the song tells you to do, do follow your heart for you never know where it takes you! Is it to a new job? To a new love? Or maybe to that Vector W8 you have been dreaming of? Who knows! But one thing is sure: your heart will be led to a calm jammy wonderland! And don’t succumb to melancholia, because Agent Murphy wants you to enjoy your life along with “Follow Your Heart”!

So if you finally choose to follow your heart, just know that you have chosen wisely.