Battlejuice – Death Rejects

Sep 23, 2017 | Darkwave, Music


1. Death Rejects 03:29
2. Dark Blood 04:04
3. Falling Star (feat. Oceanside85) 03:10
4. I Have The Power 03:11
5. Violent Dreams 04:01
6. So Cold 02:12

Battlejuice is back. We spoke his name three times and he heard us. He also brought his new album called “Death Rejects”.

Every single track is a keeper. Battlejuice is on its way to the throne of Dark Synth.

We can fully support that Artist and say proud it’s an outstanding talent here. 6 awesome tracks full of power and heavy melodies.

If you like Dark Synth you will LOVE Battlejuice’s new output.