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BlackGummy – Descent

In forever, health in all places; In every place, all the time.

Greetings fellow Synthwavers, if you are looking for something unique, thought provoking and inspiring, then look no further than Descent by BlackGummy.
It is the signle off the LA Based Musician’s forthcoming Impactor Ep released by Mau5trap records (Founded by Deadmau5, kids!)

Descent is chock full of brilliantly layered beats and original sampled sounds.
It really has a darkwave and harkens back to the Industrial music era in its heyday. It takes its own sweet time with build up and that’s a good thing! He makes us work for it! Black Gummy has a definite love for sound and it really shows in this track.

Clocking in at 7:29 this track will make you hover over the play button when it’s over.
No doubt about it Synthwavers, this guy is going to be big!

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