Confrontational – A Dance of Shadows (Vinyls Edition)

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Our Pal CONFRONTATIONAL¬†is back with his amazing Album “A Dance of Shadows”.

You remember this masterpiece from October 2015? Hes gonna re-relase it as LP over the Italian Laber “Bronson Recordings” as Vinyl limited on 500 numbered copies. The Album also cames with an amazing bonus track “Motionless” and we have the honour to show this masterpiece of song early as a premiere for all our fans:

MOTIONLESS (Bonus Track)

The instrumental piece is an eclectic mix of influences, inspired in equal parts by the intricate guitar work of Johnny Marr, the pounding rhythms of darkwave overlords The Sisters Of Mercy, and the classic 16-bit soundtracks of the Sega Genesis / Super NES days. Commenting on the track, CONFRONTATIONAL mainman Massimo Usai: “the placement as a bonus at the end of the tracklist is very deliberate, I wanted to evoke a feeling of nostalgia in hopes to drive the listener to start the journey back again, and give the album one more spin. It’s a kind of closing credits vibe which, while very different in sounds and atmosphere, is also a nod to Cody Carpenter’s LUDRIUM and the final track on his 2015 album, PLEASURE OF A FALSE PAST. It was a treat to receive such great feedback from the audience while performing the track at SYNTHZILLA festival last year, and I am very happy to disclose it to the wider public thankfully to DRIVE RADIO.”

Dont forget to order this great looking vinyl befor its sold out. Pre-orders are now ready to go through this link:


Shipping is expected to start around early August 2016.

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