CPOP Absolute Valentine – Memory Green Novel

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The story: Revenge.

The setting: Re-Newed York City (RNYC).

The name: Absolute Valentine.

Drive Radio are proud to announce the release of the mini-publication, Absolute Valentine Memory Green.

Based on the successful and likeable Synthwave producer, this publication is the brain-child of writer Tom Haswell, along with March of Venus, Ravenkult, and Jeremy pooch; all of which are respected artists in their field.

The publication will be released monthly in a downloadable format that you can get your hands on through the following link:

Absolute Valentine: Memory Green

Av memory green

Here, you will find out more details of all that are involved and the mini-series, itself.

We must advise that this is not for the faint hearted, and is for mature readers only, as there is a lot of naughty words uses and violence. Lot’s of violence. Actually, tonnes of violence.

There is also a competition to enter to win yourself a copy of the first edition, music from AV, and some truly fantastic merchandise, here:

Contest Page

Episode 1 of “Absolute Valentine: Memory Green” is here to take the word revenge and re-invent it.

Don’t miss out.


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