Ectoplague – Cadaverous

Apr 7, 2020


1. Prologue
2. Shock! Horror!
3. Demon Computer
4. Labyrinth Of Circles (Feat. David Grimason)
5. Nightwalkers
6. Neo Kandar
7. Interlude – Eyes Of The Prowler
8. Pentagonal
9. Total Protonic Reversal
10. Cadaverous
11. Malleus Malfunction
12. Stalkers & Slayers (Feat. We Are Magonia)

Welcome to Crescent Heights, where every day is fraught with dark, dangerous and demonic events.

The Ectoplague brings forth from the void such evils as the Nightwalkers, the Demon Computer, the Stalkers, and the Slayers.

Enjoy the ride!
released April 1, 2020

Mixed and Mastered By Frank Sinistra of We Are Magonia

Guitar on “Labyrinth Of Circles” by David Grimason

Additional production on “Stalkers & Slayers” by We Are Magonia

Artwork by Serhiy Krykun

Special thanks to Razakel Krieg, Frank Sinistra, Fixions, David Grimason, Ryan Boosel, Michael Meadows, Shaun Phillips, Robbiemus Prime for listening to my stuff and giving me great feedback and advice. Not to mention generally being extremely supportive.

Thank you to my wife-to-be for putting up with me. I love you Megs.