Glitch Black – Hypercube

Mar 15, 2017 | Darkwave


1. Hypercube
2. Journey to Sirius
3. Grid Runners
4. Cybernetic Brain Damage
5. Starbeam
6. Power Up
7. March of the Interdimensional Strike Force
8. Shadow Drifter
9. Hackerface
10. Evil Decree
11. Dimension Undefined
12. Darkness Falls

GLITCH BLACK is back in town with his newest output called “Hypercube”. It is fast and genius Dark Synth Album. Epic electronic leads, crazy industrial parts and a pure Cyberpunk sound.

Its catchy, mindblowing and filled with 12 awesome tracks what could be the soundtrack for HOTLINE MIAMI 3 for sure.

We also have to mention the wondefull eye-catcher artwork for this release who was made by Danny Bourque / GLITCH BLACK himself.