Dead Astronauts blast in from the not-so-dead space with their newest album and a fine addition to their discographical family: “Arms of Night”!

Pulling you into a good old energetic flow, “Arms of Night” contains twelve tracks, one complementing the other in a sweet loop of musical nectar.

Accompanied by Hayley’s beautiful vocals, the album truly stands on it’s own and delivers unique tracks like “Witch Hunt“, a track that feels refreshingly dramatic and dark.

Not only that, what makes everything stand out of “Arms of Night” is that it isn’t your classic synth wave album:

It’s like a new slate, with not only a vibe of modern dance music in it, but it also uses the rhythm of synths and drums in a whole other concept than your average synth wave track!

Don’t pass on this sweet pack of jams, get in and feel the music!

Arms of Night by Dead Astronauts