Wet streets, tough guys and neon lights.

In the 80’s, hearing the saxophone in a film meant that was someone was going to have sex in front of some blinds that had a neon sign behind them. Or Danny Glover would have quip about being too old to do something. Thankfully though, Fearcity reclaims the saxophone that became stereotyped in the 80’s and gives it more depth and breadth in soundscape.

 Scandalous by Fear City gives you a very powerful narrative, full of bad choices, regrets, hasty decision, and broken hearts. But there’s more there, in the layers. Not just sadness and want, but love…Wantonly looking up at the sky, thinking back to a montage of great memories…the memories of lost love. This song will definitely sneak up on you and hit you right in the heart. We can all relate on the passage that this song takes us to.

A very beautiful and introspective piece that captures a memory perfectly .