FM-84 – Atlas

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Breaching through the sea of melancholy, harmony and pure sound, FM-84 sails in with his newest EP, “Atlas”.

One album to definitely add to your collection, FM-84 brings in a plethora of music, showing that hecan truly create golden sounds for any kind of mood. Was it sadness, joy or neutrality, “Atlas” is an album best experienced before dawn or just after dusk, for added effect and for greater enjoyment. Ollie Wride’s vocals contemplate the entirety of the album like glistening foam after a wave hitting the shore; it simply gives a beauty and soul to the entirety of the EP. Listening to this album not only will give you great pleasure, but surely it will give you some unexplainable tingling in your back and butterflies in your stomach. To conclude, “Atlas” is pure bliss.

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