FUBAR – By Way of Shadows

by | Aug 3, 2017 | Music, Synthwave | 0 comments

FUBAR‘s full length symphonic synthwave album is here finest ambient Dreamwave elements with cinematic soundtrack parts combined to a superb package.

Brought to us from the masterminds from Scythe Saga Records a new epic story based in the same universe like “Neon Wolves” and “End of days”.

The Scyhe Musical Universe grows and let you dive deeper into their dark twisted stories.

Yosho, an assassin, decides to ‘retire’ from the violent criminal organization, the Digital Dragons. Fleeing the country of Jakith, Yosho arrives in Macropolis undercover. Will his former gang members attempt to assassinate the assassin? Or will he live out his years in peace and tranquility? Find out now:


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