Future Dark Club Vol.1

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“You see, something’s going to happen. Something wonderful.” -Dave Bowman from the film 2010.

Hearing about this new compilation gives one a head full of images just on the amazing list alone. Always on the cutting edge of synth, Lazerdiscs Records will be releasing the compilation, so aptly called, “Future Dark Club” on October the 28th in this year 2016. One seems to skim over the true meaning of the word, “amazing”. The word means, “Causing great surprise or wonder, astonishing.” In a world where we loosely use words like amazing without the true thought of it. We need to more closely, choose our words and give them back their true power.

That being said, this compilation is startlingly impressive. This album is like having the veil pulled back and seeing the inner workings of a newly forming universe and seeing impossible things happen in front of your very eyes and not having an understanding on why things are the way they are, but appreciating the sheer wonder and beauty of it.


Future Dark Club has a tremendous line up of synthwavers, that have crafted songs that are eye opening, awe inspiring, heart racing and smile inducing.


With a list that consists of heavy hitters like; Miami Beach Force, Dance with the dead, Lazerhawk, Alex, Arcade High, Nightcrawler, Tonebox, Toutant, Niky Nine, Speed Machine, Meteor and Ludrium. This twelve track album by Lazerdisc recordings will undoubtedly be something that will live up to the true definition of the word, amazing.



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