GUNSHIP – Dark All Day (feat. Tim Cappello and Indiana)

by | Jul 25, 2018

After days of mystic posts and changing profile pictures GUNSHIP just released their 2nd Single from their long awaited new Album.

The Album is called “Dark All Day” and will be released on 5th October. The cover is a wonderful eyecatcher with a purple eclipse on it.

Besides the great announcements for a guest appearance from Kat von D the newest video is pure epicness.

In case you don’t say this amazing art of music video hurry and see the link below. It is an tribute to Rated R Retro Anime Movies from the 80s like Fist of the North Star, Violence Jack or Wicked City.

The animated music video is filled with many other references from movies like Lost Boys, From dusk till Dawn, Buffy, Blade and Predator.

The most awesome part of the song is they’ve got the iconic Sax Player from Lost Boys Tim Cappello to play the saxophone on the track.

Watch, listen, fall in love and pre order as soon as possible.