Hello Meteor – Lapse of Candor

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Like a warm, narcotic blanket of synth.

Hello Meteor has made something really lovely with the album, “Lapse of Candor”. The 4 track album is nothing to over look. It’s a four course meal within itself. Starting it all with “Fata Morgana”, a light and airy little number, that tempts and teases your ears, followed by “Troposphere” a clean and clinical piece that opens up your consciousness and straightens out your crown and third eye chakra. Next, the song“Breeze Bay”, which is aptly named, for it’s subliminal images of dusk and the wind in your hair on a Friday night without a care in the world and a smile that a jackhammer couldn’t remove. And last by certainly not the least, the beautifully named, “Enigmatica”, Is the exquistly rich dessert that leaves you wanting to just kick back wherever you are and thank the Heavens for Hello Meteor.

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