John Carpenter broke the internet today!

The godfather of Horror returns for a new HALLOWEEN Movie. After he created one of the most iconic Killers and started a Franchise with 10 Movies so far (including Sequels and Remakes) and also found a new genre in Horror Movies: THE SLASHER. After 38 years he is back as executive Producer to make the scarierst movie of the franchise. He will also write the soundtrack with his son Cody Carpenter who also worked on the both “Lost Themes” Albums. The fans got crazy and the reactions and retweets from other big names like Guillermo Del Toro hit the internet. The filmmakers are targeting a Halloween 2017 release, although no writer or director has been announced as of this writing. Welcome back Mr. Carpenter good to see you creating another movie after near 6 years (The Ward, 2010).


“Halloween” 1978 Original Movie Trailer